OsteoStrong strengthen bones in 10 minutes with high-tech machines

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OsteoStrong is proven to improve your bone density, muscular strength, balance, and overall health.

FLATIRON, Manhattan (WABC) — Would you commit to a 10 minute, no-sweat workout? Then OsteoStrong may be for you!


OsteoStrong claims to improve your bone density, muscular strength, balance, and overall health.


Vincent Koo, the owner of OsteoStrongNYC, gave us a first-hand look at this technology that anyone can use.


“We put you in the proper position to put the maximum load on your skeletal system,” Koo said. “You can come in your work clothes, and you don’t feel sore the next day.”


According to Koo, human bones are building up until about age 20, but at age 30, we lose bone at a rate of 1-2% per year.


At OsteoStrong, four machines have you in your strongest position to exert as much force as possible without risking injury. They use an ultrasound scanner as your baseline to check progress. The beauty of this exercise for those who really hate to work out is it’s literally one and done.


The core circuit includes five steps: Full body vibration for stability engagement regulates growth hormone, activates your muscles, joints, and ligaments and gets your entire body ready for Osteogenic loading session. Followed by four machines; Upper Growth Trigger, Lower Growth Trigger, Core Growth Trigger, and Postural Growth Trigger.


“OsteoStrong works well for people of all ages – people with low bone density or Osteoporosis included,” Koo said. “People feel the benefits right away.”

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